What to do for a dying and dead person

Gently but firmly advise and prompt the dying person to say the Shahaadah - the declaration: Laa ilaaha illa-Allah, which means there is no true god except Allah. This prompting in Arabic is known as Talqeen. The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said: "Prompt your dying ones to say 'Laa ilaaha illa-Allah.' Whoever last words at the time of death was Laa ilaaha illa-Allah will enter Jannah (Paradise) one day, irrespective of what happens to him prior to that."

All India Qabristan Management Foundation (AIQMF)
Mr. S.M. Ali, a well known personality is dedicated towards establishment of an organization called All India Qabristan Management Foundation (AIQMA) to provide ultimate support to the people when a loss of a loved one takes place. This organization will offer services for the residents residing in and around Delhi/NCR. The organisation will be empowered and authorised to Register Online in case of any death. This will be a centralised registration system which will be later on upgraded to the national level. According to the new concept incorporated in the software MCD introduced a scheme called OLIR (On Line Institutional Registration) where nearly 400 Hospitals have been empanelled & issued user ID & Password for uploading registration data. This organisation will also be empanelled for uploading registration data. A data base will be created and maintained.
Visiting Graves
It is recommended to visit the graves for the purpose of getting admonishment and remembering the hereafter. The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said: "I forbade you from visiting graves, but now you may visit them, for in visiting them there is a reminder of the hereafter." It is totally forbidden to associate the visit with anything that would anger Allah (s.w.t), such as supplicating to the dead, invoking their assistance, wailing, or other types of shirk and sinful actions.

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