The quality of a funeral is not pinned to the amount of money spent. Whether the loss is sudden and unexpected or the result of a long illness, it's important to honor the life of someone who has died and to come together as a community to share grief and get support from each other. This can be accomplished because the amount of loss is great.

Mr. S.M. Ali, a well known personality is dedicated towards establishment of an organization called All India Qabristan Management Foundation (AIQMA) to provide ultimate support to the people when a loss of a loved one takes place. This organization will offer services for the residents residing in and around Delhi/NCR. The organisation will be empowered and authorised to Register Online in case of any death. This will be a centralised registration system which will be later on upgraded to the national level. According to the new concept incorporated in the software MCD introduced a scheme called OLIR (On Line Institutional Registration) where nearly 400 Hospitals have been empanelled & issued user ID & Password for uploading registration data. This organisation will also be empanelled for uploading registration data. A data base will be created and maintained.

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